Innovative Kitchenware Drinkware. Here you will find the following collections Whiskey Coolers, Whiskey Rocks, Wine Coolers, Glass Coolers, Espresso Makers, Dispensers and Accessories and Drinkware.

The Kilner 5 Litre Drinks Dispenser can be used to serve many types of beverages and is ideal for parties and barbecues.

Espresso Makers

GEFU Lucino Espresso Maker 6 cups. With GEFU’s espresso maker you can brew delicious, aromatic coffee in no time at all.

Glass coolers

Täljsten Vit Brandy & Liqueur Cooler – “Iced without Ice “. Thanks to the Vit Brandy & Liqueur Cooler, enjoy fruit brandies and liqueurs iced without ice and make the taste last.

Whiskey Coolers

Täljsten Brun Whiskey Cooler. Comprised of a trio of natural elements – soapstone, glass and cork, the Brun Whiskey Cooler combines the functions of tasting and cooling spirits by revealing, at the desired temperature, subtle aromas and perfumes that you would never have imagined possible.

Wine Coolers

Täljsten Vinkylare Wine Cooler. The Vinkylare Soapstone Wine Cooler, with its combined elegance and efficiency, endows your table as well as your wines and champagnes with the prestige, elegance and natural ceremony that they deserve.

Whiskey Rocks

Täljsten Original Whiskey Stones. The Original Täljsten Whisky Stones will enable you to reduce the temperature of your whisky from 20°C to 10°C with absolutely no dilution.