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Cole & Mason Classic Oil & Vinegar Pourer Gift Set

Cole & Mason Kitchenware

Innovation and style have been at the heart of Cole & Mason since 1919, the launch of our first mill continued our expansion and established a salt and pepper range. A product for every job, from cooking to serving and eating, including manual and electronic mills, simple shakers and salt keepers, all engineered with the highest quality materials and available in a wide choice of finishes. As well as providing superior kitchen tools our range add style to any home. Our growth into spice and herb tools, crafted with the same care and quality, adds to your cooking and seasoning experience allowing you to release the flavour in your food.

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GEFU logo
GEFU Spirelli Spiral Cutter


Nearly 70 years of know how make GEFU a specialist of high-quality kitchen tools. Our entire line of products includes 280 best selling items which are all characterised by a perfect match of functionality, quality and design. The head office of this innovative mid-size and growing company is located in Eslohe, Sauerland. GEFU products are sold in 47 countries around the world. How to easily and quickly cook vegetable spaghetti made of zucchini and carrots? How to store fresh cut vegetables? Or how to bread a schnitzel without making a mess? You might have asked yourself these kinds of questions many times. We certainly are looking for answers and are working hard to find practical and innovative solutions in order to simplify food preparation and cooking. In cooperation with our design team we develop, create and draft a design out of our ideas. We choose moulds, discuss materials and create a prototype of new kitchen tools. If this prototype meets our high demands in terms of functionality and design we develop a 3D computer graphic which will become a template for series production. Prior to series production, our products are tested in terms of finishing, material quality and safety in numerous quality checks. Only if the results of the tests meet our highest quality standards, the products will be released for series production and the kitchen tool will be added to our wide assortment of GEFU products.

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Hahn Cookware
Hahn Pisa Pyramid Wine Rack 6 Bottle Chrome

Hahn Cookware

Hahn are designers and suppliers of quality products to enhance every kitchen. Launch of some stunning new ranges that compliment our existing portfolio

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Ken Hom 31cm Non-Stick 5 Piece Wok Set

Ken Hom

His first book on Chinese cookery techniques was published in 1981 to much acclaim and then the New York Times published a major profile on him. Ken still regards the book and the NY Times article as one of the turning points in his career. From there, he landed his first television series in 1983 – Ken Hom’s Chinese Cookery which bore the same title as the book that many still regard as the ‘bible’. The show introduced and demystified Chinese cooking for the UK over 30 years ago, and was an instant hit, transmitted throughout the world. The book accompanying the series became a bible for anyone who wanted to learn Chinese cuisine and sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide. At the time of publication, it made publishing history by being the first non-fiction book with a first printing of 350,000. In 2009, the BBC celebrated the 25th anniversary of the book, which continues to be a top-seller after more than three decades in print. Since that first success, Ken Hom he has written 36 books, many translated in more than 16 languages, with a total of 80 books published worldwide in all translated editions. He presented a further five television series – Hot Chefs, Ken Hom’s Hot Wok, Ken Hom’s Foolproof Chinese Cookery, and Travels with a Hot Wok, which attracted millions of viewers.

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Kilner Logo
Kilner 5 Piece Preserving Set


The Kilner business was first established by John Kilner in the 1840’s in England. Initially producing glass bottles and jars, it was towards the end of the 19th century when the original Kilner Jar was first invented. The original Kilner jar is as much-loved and successful now as it was 120 years ago. Its long-lasting popularity is owed to its distinctive pressure seal and iconic design. Put simply, households all over the world trust it to successfully preserve and pickle their fruit and vegetables. In the 1900’s, Kilner presented its innovation as ‘the original and the best, all other brands are substitutes’, a claim which remains relevant today, and is a testament to its impressive heritage.

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The Just Slate Company Logo
Just Slate Large Slate Tray with Antler Handles

The Just Slate Company

The Just Slate Company was formed from humble beginnings back in 1992. We started with 4 simple products and a strong commitment to marry contemporary styling to the natural character of the slate we used. Today we are the country’s largest slate homeware producer and can be found in over 600 outlets around the UK as well as in France, USA & Japan. Our award winning products are stocked in high profile retailers such as Harrods, Innovative Kitchenware and feature in some of the UK’s most renowned restaurants & hotels. We have launched over 40 new products, won multiple awards and built a team with the expertise and commitment to build the company through new and exciting areas of growth. Throughout these years of change the one thing that has remained the same is our commitment to Contemporary Style and Natural Character” – it’s at the very heart of everything we do

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Nosh Logo
Nosh Walu Chopping boards - NH115


We are a small team of designers based in the heart of the Peak District National Park. As a design consultancy we have delivered our design, marketing and sourcing expertise to a wide variety of international houseware brands since 2007. The countless ideas we’ve had over the years led to the decision to develop and manufacture our own range of kitchen and home products under the “Nosh®” brand. Nosh® is all about clever yet simple, high quality kitchenware products. Several years in development and with plenty more on the way, Nosh® products are carefully designed, functional and fashionable with an emphasis on fresh & quirky. We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we enjoyed designing them!

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Scanpan Denmark Logo
Scanpan IQ Wok 32cm


With deep roots in traditional craftsmanship, we create functional and timeless tools for modern kitchens, from households to professional kitchens. Our brand is constantly evolving and we can proudly say that we are always at the forefront of innovation and technology. Since SCANPAN’s inception in 1956, our hand cast aluminium products with patented ceramic titanium coating have formed the core of our business. Today, we still cast all of our non-stick aluminium products at our own factory in Denmark. Liquid aluminium is poured by hand into a mould and die-cast under 250 tonnes of pressure. In the following processes, 30,000-degree-hot titanium is bonded to the compressed aluminium and a non-stick coating is applied and tempered. This unique casting technique ensures maximum durability and perfect heat distribution across the entire surface. Quality is controlled in every detail throughout the production process. As part of our on-going product and technology development, we have developed a coating 100% free of PFOA and PFOS toxins. Combined with our patented ceramic titanium technology, it is one of the market’s most resilient non-stick coatings.

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Scott Inness logo
Scott Inness Bramble Tartan Tea Towel

Scott Inness

Founded in 2007 Scott Inness is an award winning Scottish homeware brand renowned for its distinctive Scottish designs. The Scott Inness range is comprised of bold and bright designs of Scotland’s most loved motifs; the bramble thistle, Caledonian pipes, Scottie dog, highland cow and the Scottish stag. These beautiful designs can be found on a variety of home products including tea towels, aprons and mugs. Our collection offers you something useful yet contemporary and attractive for your home. Scott Inness was the concept of design duo and friends Gill (Hastings) and Jill (Henderson). Gill and Jill were fortunate to meet just at a time when they both had the opportunity to look for a new channel for their ambitions. Having pursued careers in the different fields of law and travel for many years, both women were keen to realise a long held ambition to create and develop their own business which would allow them be creative, to work from the comfort of their own homes – a bonus for working mothers – and most importantly, to have fun in the process! A challenge they both relished.

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SMART Master Bullet 4


SMART Worldwide’s unique range of products are second to none. We pride ourselves on creating great homeware appliances and electronics that don’t compromise on quality and beauty. From our SMART Retro & Nostalgia selection, featuring popcorn makers, waffle irons and slush machines, to our range of sleek, SMART Modern products ranging from omelette makers, pizza ovens and our best-selling Lazy Susan buffet server. Backed by superb customer service and logistics from a family business, at SMART Worldwide we aim to provide a great shopping experience.

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taljsten logo
Täljsten Stenkall Vit cooler and liqueur glass


All Täljsten products are designed and produced entirely in Sweden. It was Rolf Berggrund who first took charge of the development and production of the soapstone factory in Handöl, at the foot of the Jämtland Mountain Range, in 1987.

It was in 1994 that the press seized upon the whisky stones. Presented as a gift idea, the whisky stones got a lot of top media coverage and were also given to members of the International Olympic Committee visiting Sweden at the time. Marianne Berggrund became the soapstone woman and was nominated with 10 others for the title of « Jämtland personality of the year.

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Typhoon logo
Typhoon Vintage Kitchen Cream 3 Canister Set

Typhoon Kitchenware

Typhoo started our journey as a small company with a simple philosophy, to bring Asian products to a British market. Even back then, it was clear to us, good design shouldn’t cost the earth, and so Typhoon was born. Design led kitchenware at affordable prices. Simple!

After some time the British public started to buy into our ranges and ask for Typhoon products by name. Our idea was working, people wanted well-crafted scales and colourful well-proportioned storage jars with a vintage feel. They needed well-designed quality woks that allow home cooks to recreate the flavour and taste from far off lands.

With positive reactions from back home fresh in our minds, we decided to develop more products for a wider market. Our talented designers and product developers started to create a whole new collection of innovative products perfect for an international audience. We opened warehouses in three different countries covering North and South America, Asia and the Far East, the UK and Europe and the surrounding areas. Soon the phone was ringing and our computers were buzzing from potential customers all around the world. It seemed our simple philosophy resonated with retailers far and wide. Our little idea had just gone global…

As time went on, magazine editors and TV stylists started to take notice of our brand and products. We started getting editorial coverage from leading magazines and newspapers, and most exciting of all; our products were making it on the best food programmes on TV.

And so from a little bamboo seed of an idea, and over a period spanning 20 years, Typhoon has chartered the waters of housewares in the UK and beyond. Most exciting of all is the future, new products, new ideas and new technologies. One thing on our journey has always remained the same and is at the heart of everything we do… design led kitchenware at affordable prices. Simple!

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Vacu Vin Housewares logo
Täljsten Stenkall Vit cooler and liqueur glass

Vacu Vin Housewares

It all began in 1983 when Mr Bernd Schneider, founder of Vacu Vin, came up with the idea for the Vacuum Wine Saver. His idea for the Wine Saver sprang directly from the taste of spoiled wine. Together with his brother John, an engineer, he developed a device to preserve opened bottles of wine. Today, the Vacuum Wine Saver is used in over 35 million households in more than 80 countries throughout the world. In 1986 Vacu Vin was founded to manufacture and distribute the Vacuum Wine Saver, soon to be followed by the introduction of many other innovative houseware products. Today, the Vacu Vin product range has proven its success by being granted over 20 international Design and Trade Awards.

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Ulster Weavers logo
Ulster Weavers sailors stripe

Ulster Weavers

Ulster Weavers Home Fashions is a home textiles company based in Holywood, Northern Ireland. The company can trace its history back to the nineteenth century.

The Ulster Weaving Company was originally founded in 1880. Throughout the late 19th and early 20th century, the Company continued to spin, weave, bleach and finish the high quality linen for which Ireland and Ulster had become famous the world over.

During the 1960’s the Ulster Weaving company brought these years of textile expertise to the kitchen textile sector – specialising at first in Irish Linen Tea Towels and over the years expanding the range to include all types of kitchen co-ordinates, bags and giftware.

The Ulster Weaving Company was divided into Ulster Weavers Home Fashions and Ulster Weavers Apparel in 1990.

UW Home Fashions prides itself on the production of high quality linen and textile products. Every product is designed in Northern Ireland and the company still relies on the knowledge 135 years in the production of textiles. To meet the demands of a 21st century market, production takes place in various sites throughout the world, but the process and the quality of the end product is still controlled in Northern Ireland.

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Wüsthof Classic IKON Cook's Knife 16cm (6")


WÜSTHOF’S Precision Edge Technology, PEtec, offers superior blade sharpness and has set the new standard for modern cutlery.

Conventionally hand-sharpened knives are plagued by irregularities that diminish the blade’s sharpness and overall performance. Through a proprietary process inclusive of computer-controlled robotics, WÜSTHOF’S PEtec yields a smoother, more refined edge with dramatically increased sharpness and sharpness retention along the entire length of the blade. The result is a knife with a definitive advantage for every home or professional chef.

The Technology:

  • Before sharpening, the blades are measured using lasers to ensure accuracy
  • Computers calculate the precise sharpening angle for each blade
  • Precision robots sharpen the blades on a whetstone
  • The knives are given a final polish using a specialized disc

The Benefits:

  • The quality of forged WÜSTHOF knives producted using the PEtec process is significantly higher than that producted by the standard manual sharpening process.
  • Extremely high cutting performance with a 20% sharper edge
  • Doubles the edge retention
  • Optimum cutting edge along the entire length of the blade
  • Unique, consistently high and reproducible quality

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Zyliss logo
Zyliss Susi 3 Garlic Press


It was in Switzerland in 1948 that founder Karl Zysset launched the first Zyliss product in the form of a Garlic Press, a product that has since seen remarkable success worldwide.

Today, Zyliss boasts an appealing and distinctive portfolio of thoughtfully designed, carefully constructed kitchen tools, with numerous products achieving the coveted Red Dot Award status.

Inspiration for new products is derived from not only understanding what our customers want, but from anticipating changes in lifestyle trends and everyday cooking. Today, through a commitment to developing ingenious, reliable and durable products, Zyliss is not just about producing products that are highly functional, it is about continuously delighting all who use them.

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